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This season we will be exploring cycles as in the cycle of life, cycles of poverty, the cycle of hate, family cycles, cycles of economy, cycles of love, the cycle of faith and their meaning(s) in our lives.

Richard P. Trujillo, Artistic Director

You cannot run away from today's news cycle. Every few minutes there is another breaking news story. Regardless of which side you're on today's political landscape is fueled by passion.Thereis aclear divide. Right and wrong is perspective. Good and bad is an opinion and facts are dispposable. And, while people say they are growing weary of thesubject I would strongly disagree. Just ask anyone their opinion these days. Without getting an answer you will feel something immediately. It will come in the form of hesitence, silent thought, a smile, diatribe, or passive aggression. The point is we live with this current state of anxiety because winning and losing is at stake. And, these days the stakes are incredibly high.

Why is the artistic director writing about political anxiety and divisiveness? Simple; the arts are the mirror of our society. We reflect what is right in front of us. And, I was never more inspired and reassured by this when watching the 2019 Tony Awards telecast . From "Hadestown" to "Oklahoma"; "To Kill A Mockingbird" to "King Lear; "What the Constitution Means to Me" to "Choir Boy"; and even "Beetlejuice" to "The Prom" all illuminated the social and political challenges that we face each and every day. Subject matter such as hope in the face of unhappiness, the pain and brutality of relationships, gender identity, sexual identity, racism, religion, and yes, even the constitution. The mirror is constant.

In recent years our lens for artistic expression has evolved. Our latest mission is to present work that is socially relevant, civic-minded, globally conscious, and reflective of our student body. We have done our part in reflecting the world around us with theatrical productions of A Chorus Line, Billy Elliot, The Crucible, and Cabaret; our dance concerts, Beyond Boundaries and Reflecting Forward; and our visual and media arts and creative writing exhibitions, Inside/Out and Changing Stories. We will continue to produce work that is relevant and speaks directly to the strength and fragility of the human condition. The 2019-'20 season includes the exhibition Deus Ex Machina, The Merchant of Venice, dance concerts In Flux and Permanent Shift, music concerts Imperative and Quintessential, and as "Cycles" is the theme chosen to connect collective work we explore family with productions of In The Heights and The Addams Family.

We hope you are able to join us at some point during our 41st Season. Our students, alumni, guest artists, and faculty will continue to entertain, evoke, and inspire. It's a snapshot of what we do at our very best. I promise you will be moved as you watch our SDSCPA family of student artists live their passion when we hold up the mirror.

With Love,

Richard P. Trujillo

Artistic Director

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