William Carter

CarterMr. Carter is originally from NY and taught 2nd and 3rdd grade in Brooklyn. Next, he relocated to San Diego in 2007 and taught with San Diego Unified for four years as a Science Prep-Time teacher for Jefferson Elementary School. In 2008 due to district layoffs he then took a year off from San Diego Unified to teach 4th grade with San Francisco Unified schools. Upon his return to San Diego Unified Schools, professionally he decided to take on a new challenge and teach middle school. He taught 7th grade Life Science at Standley Middle School for one year and then transferred to Wilson Middle School to grow professionally as an instructional leader. He was the Science department chair and taught 8th grade integrated NGSS Science for the past 6 years.

He has over 15 years of teaching experience with students of diverse backgrounds and abilities. He is thrilled to use all that experience to support the community of students here as SDSCPA as they grow academically and socially in preparation for high school.

Mr. Carter has received participation awards for mentoring teachers through a program called induction mentoring and supporting new teachers as they clear their credential. Mr. Carter is very active outside of work and has a strong belief in physical fitness. He participates in crossfit, kickball, dodgeball, and beach volleyball leagues. He also enjoys hiking and traveling to learn about other cultures.

Mr. Carter hopes to bring to the SDSCPA students and the community a robust and engaging 7th & 8th grade NGSS integrated science program that sets high expectations for all students and allows all students to access the curriculum equally by differentiating the instruction and removing barriers to allow students to be intellectually challenged but to also demonstrate mastery through documentation that shows growth and progress of learning over time. Mr. Carter participates actively in professional growth. He participated with the NGSS Early Implementers and was apart of their 4 year grant when Crystal Howe and Rachael Tarshes was leading the district. In addition, he was a case study teacher for the past 3 years with WestEd that is part of the stakeholders that wrote the NGSS framework standards that will be focused on in Science at SDSCPA. Currently, he is a part of another 4 year grant with OpenSciEd that works with WestEd piloting 8th grade curriculum. Mr. Carter is a lifelong learner and will continue to seek out professional development to bring the very best to the SDSCPA community.

Philosophy of Education: Mr. Carter believes that each student has unique gifts and talents. As a result, he has high expectations and attainable goals for each student in his classroom. All students have potential, and he believes that is up to the adults in their lives to help them realize their full potential. His philosophy in supporting students equitable access of the curriculum can be grounded in the book “Fair Isn’t always equal” by Rick Wormeli. Additionally, a student’s distinctive creativity contributes to an exciting learning environment that is fostered by an authentic and rich curriculum. Furthermore, it is his belief that the seventh & eighth grade integrated science curriculum can be best supported by an inquiry based approach. This approach will allow students to investigate phenomena by asking questions. Students this year will learn how to construct their own knowledge, engage in meaningful experiences that facilitate multiple perspectives, and to apply knowledge content to scientific investigations. Mr. Carter feels it’s vital that students be able to communicate their ideas both verbally and in writing in order to argue from evidence to support their claims. Finally, in his experience as an educator he has learned that for students to compete in careers of the future they need to be able to think critically, solve problems, work as a team within a diverse culture, lead others by asking the right questions, and develop curiosity and creativity to learn how to think “outside the box.


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