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The SDSCPA Visual & Media Arts Department is dedicated to providing a quality, innovative, and in-depth learning environment. Our curriculum is sequentially designed to prepare our students with the techniques, skills, and knowledge necessary for postsecondary and professional pursuits. We are committed to the development of each student’s creative voice and passion.

The SCPA Visual Arts and Media Department is designed to provide a multitude of opportunities for students to develop creative talents, critical thinking, technical and problem solving skills. Creativity involves passion, adventurousness, risk-taking and knowledge of art making. By providing our students with a sense of identity and a forum for positive expression, we aim to inspire them to seek innovation in their own lives, the communities they live in and the world.

Our Visual Arts and Media course offerings are comprehensive, sequential and standards based. The courses provide a rigorous conservatory experience in art education. Foundation classes focus on traditional skills and disciplines. In the later years students are encouraged to develop their own voice and use the appropriate media to express their ideas. This program is based on professional practice and fine art and is meant to prepare students for postsecondary education and twenty-first century careers in the arts related industries. 

High School Scope and Sequence

    Freshmen Sophomore Junior Senior
Digital Media Arts (Cinematic & Photography)   Video Production 1,2; Photographic Imaging 1,2; Broadcast Journalism 1,2; Writer as an Artist Graphic Design 1,2; Digital Art & Mixed Media 1,2; Writer as a Storyteller             Cinematic Portfolio: Video Production 3,4 or Photography Portfolio: Graphic Design 1,2; Writer as an Activist        Honors Graphic Design 3,4 or Graphic Design 1,2; Cinematic Portfolio: Cinematic Arts 1,2 or Photography Portfolio: Senior Art Studio; Photography Portfolio: Individualized Art Studio 1,2
Fine Art   Foundations & VAD; Art 1,2; Photographic Imaging 1,2; Graphic Design 1,2 Design in Mixed Media 1,2; Drawing & Painting 1,2; Graphic Design 1,2 AP Studio Art 2D Design 1,2; Color & Design; Honors Graphic Design 3,4; Photographic Imaging 3,4 and/or Photographic Imaging 5,6; CCAP Art History 100 Sr. Art Studio; Individualized Art Studio 1,2; Honors Graphic Design 3,4; Photographic Imaging 3,4 and/or Photographic Imaging 5,6; CCAP Art History 100


Seanha Choi Daniel Gonzalez-Zarzuela Nicholas Patton Mark Raines
M.Ed Kyung-Hee University
M.A. Maryland Institute College of Art
[email protected]
Ext. 4406
BFA San Francisco Art Institute
[email protected]
Ext. 4405
Department Chair
B.A. Humboldt University
CCTE Credential in Arts, Media,  & Entertainment
[email protected]
Ext. 4402
B.S. University of Florida
M.A. University of Missouri
[email protected]
Ext. 4303
Lorie Tancredi-Baese      
B.F.A. Art. Center College of Design
M.A. San Diego State University
[email protected]
Ext. 4404

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